Grothman’s Feigned Concern on Opioids

“Opioid abuse” town hall comes almost one year to day after Grothman voted for a “major step backward in addressing the addiction epidemic in America”

Grafton – This morning Glenn Grothman is hosting a roundtable in Oshkosh focusing on the challenges of “opioid abuse” in our communities. Grothman’s efforts to focus on the opioid epidemic this week fall short, and are an attempt to obscure his vote in favor of the American Healthcare Act of 2017, more commonly known as Ryancare. A former Surgeon General of the United States described the AHCA as a “major step backward in addressing the addiction epidemic in America,” and substance abuse treatment experts used words like “catastrophic” and “devastating” to describe the bill’s cuts.

That is because, according to the CBO, the AHCA would have cut $834 billion from the Medicaid program and would have allowed states to seek waivers that would have placed insurance coverage for substance abuse at risk. The bill would have directly threatened $4.5 billion in funding currently dedicated to substance abuse treatment through Medicaid. It is estimated that 1.2 million Americans receive mental health and substance abuse coverage through Medicaid expansion and the individual market.

“Glenn Grothman wants to have it both ways. He’ll hold campaign-style roundtable events focusing on law enforcement responses to the opioid crisis, but ignore a healthcare vote that substance abuse professionals described as catastrophic.” said campaign manager Rick Coelho. “His proposed legislative response appears to stem as much from long-held conservative conspiracies about Medicaid’s role in this crisis as it does to an actual desire to help those suffering. If Glenn was interested in addressing the crisis, he’d join Dan Kohl in supporting the legalization of medical marijuana, which has been demonstrated to reduce the number of opioid overdoses.”


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