Ending Corruption and Changing Washington: Dan Kohl’s Reform Agenda

Washington is broken. Politicians promise voters they’ll work for them, but then take checks from special interests, vote against the needs of their constituents, and line their own pockets while on the taxpayers’ dime. Instead of working to make quality health care affordable, improve our economy, and protect Medicare and Social Security, politicians like Glenn Grothman continue to put their special interest donors first.

It’s time we change that. It’s time to unrig the system and get it working for the people of Wisconsin. That’s why I’ve pledged to refuse money from corporate PACs – and why I’ve committed to serving no more than eight years in Congress. Bringing change to Washington is a critical component of my campaign, and I’m putting forth an 8-part reform agenda to end corruption in Washington:

Term Limit Pledge

Serving in Congress should be an act of public service – but for too many, it has become a path to power and wealth. That’s why I’m committing to serving no longer than eight years in Congress.

Public Schedule

Public officials work for the people, and the public deserves to know who I’m meeting with while serving on your behalf in Washington. As your congressman, I will post my congressional schedule publicly online because I believe in transparency and accountability to the voters of Wisconsin. When I vote on legislation, the public deserves to know that my decisions have not been influenced by corporate special interests.

No Corporate PAC Money

I’m refusing corporate PAC money and standing up to the corrupting influence of special interest money because it’s the right thing to do. When I vote on the floor of the U.S. House, you deserve to know that I’m voting for you – not for corporate special interests. It’s time to end the stranglehold that drug corporations, Wall Street banks, and health insurance giants have gained over members of Congress with large campaign checks.

End Abuse of Taxpayer-Funded Mailings

Too many members of Congress have abused their ability to use taxpayer dollars to send glossy, self-promoting mail pieces to voters in their district. While communicating with constituents in an informative way is important, this privilege should be used ethically. Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for thinly-veiled campaign advertisements.

Overturn Citizens United and Pass DISCLOSE Act

Big donors and special interests have purchased influence and bought our elections by funneling hundreds of millions of undisclosed, unlimited dollars into political campaigns. It’s made a mockery of our campaign finance system. In Congress, I’ll be committed to passing comprehensive campaign finance reform to get money out of politics, overturn Citizens United, and require all organizations that spend in U.S. elections to disclose the names of their donors.

End Gerrymandering and Launch Automatic Voter Registration

Our democracy should encourage civic participation – not discourage it. We must end the practice of gerrymandering, which allows politicians to draw districts to pick their own voters and protect their seats. It’s also time to reduce barriers to voting, and citizens should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18.

Withhold Pay for Congress During Government Shutdowns

If you caused your workplace to shut down, you wouldn’t get paid – and neither should Congress. Some people might think politics is a game, but the truth is that real lives are at stake. If the government shuts down, that means Congress isn’t doing their job, and members of Congress shouldn’t get a paycheck until the government re-opens.

Holding Regular Town Halls

Our elected representatives must be open and accountable to the people they represent. As your congressman, I will publicize and hold regular town halls that are open to the public so I can report back to you about what’s happening in Washington and listen to your feedback.


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