Grothman Votes For Middle-Class Tax Increase

Republican tax plan increases taxes on middle-class families to pay for permanent tax cuts for big corporations and the very wealthy

Grafton – Glenn Grothman has voted to support Republican tax legislation that makes permanent tax cuts for big corporations and the very wealthy and pays for them with tax increases on the middle class. This vote represents a hard blow to the many families across the 6th District that were hoping that Glenn Grothman would keep his word that tax reform efforts would benefit them. Today’s legislation makes clear that the priority from day one was always providing a tax cut for big corporations and the wealthy. The rest of the legislation just figured out how to pay for it.

“Glenn Grothman’s vote to raise taxes on middle-class families is wrong and he will be held accountable.” said business executive and non-profit leader Dan Kohl. “After spending a year telling his constituents he was going to look out for the middle class, Glenn Grothman is standing with his party to provide permanent tax breaks to those at the very top while increasing taxes on middle-class families. I support bipartisan efforts to improve the tax code, but cannot support an effort that so transparently benefits the wealthiest Americans.”

Despite a history of complaints about initial proposals and recognition of clear flaws in the bill, Glenn Grothman voted yes. As recently as Monday, he called for keeping the deduction related to emergency medical expenses, saying “I know that these deductions are rarely used, but when they are, it’s by folks in dire situations.” The ability to deduct these expenses has been removed in the House tax bill. The one Glenn Grothman just voted to pass. This is just the latest example of Glenn Grothman putting party politics ahead of the families of Wisconsin’s 6th District, even those in “dire situations.”


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